There is no question that e-mail marketing is the most convenient and wide-spread method for reaching out to a mass audience. If you think of your own in-box, chances are that it is chock-full of wanted and unwanted messaging. In fact, in an e-mail only outbound campaign, it can take up to 10 high-value touches before a contact even acknowledges your efforts. How can you cut through the digital noise that we all are constantly bombarded with? You need to be available on other channels so that your message is there when your prospect is ready to receive it.

Direct mail still enjoys the highest engagement rate of all channels and combined with e-mail marketing can be used to build anticipation of your value proposition. You can use the prospect name, imagery based on information in your database and even a design that matches a persona or prospect profile to build a unique customer engagement.

Your e-mail campaign can also support personalization and that’s where the magic happens. Whether you are running a lead generation campaign or just continuing a dialog with your existing customers, personalization and one-to-one communication on multiple channels is not only effective, it’s expected. A carefully coordinated messaging strategy executed on many channels has a multiplying effect on the response rate of a campaign and that gives you more opportunities to close sales.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to multi-channel campaigns and especially supporting direct mail efforts with e-mail marketing and social media advertising. Strategy is a key service that Ritter’s extends to our clients and can be the difference between a simple purchase and a successful, trackable and repeatable campaign.

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