Facebook marketing is an excellent way to support your other marketing efforts. Instead of creating a “social media campaign”, present a coordinated message with your other channels. Direct mail benefits from a “lift” in response when you target your list recipients on their social media channels. Even if you think your B2B client doesn’t use Facebook, there’s a good chance that they do after hours and that’s where you leverage that screen time: presenting your ads, increasing your visibility and your chances of engaging with them.

Custom Audiences – Upload a list of contacts to Facebook and they can retarget as many of those contacts with existing Facebook Accounts.

Look-A-Like Audiences – Upload a list of contacts and Facebook will look for account holders that mostly resemble your list and place your ads on their feeds. The look-a-like audiences are contacts outside of your list. The more contacts, the better.

Retargeting Pixel – When prospects visit your site, you can have tracking code recognize visitors and place ads in front of them while they engage with social media sites.

Audiences – Use Facebook’s Selectors to narrow down a group of their users based on things like geography, demographics, behavior, interests and many others.

Instagram is a social media network based on using images to share and socialize. It’s owned by Facebook and has gained significant traction with a younger demographic. Their ad service offering is the same as Facebook.

Adding “social media cover” to a direct mail campaign can significantly impact the results of your campaign.

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