With the proliferation of e-mail and social media marketing, the inbox has become much more crowded than the mail box. Many companies who abandoned a traditional direct marketing approach are suffering through low response rates, increasing competition, higher costs per click and a lackluster pipeline.

All hope is not lost

The advantages of direct mail over other digital channels are: it’s personal, targeted, accountable, integrated, tangible and measurable. It’s that last point many digital marketers have trouble wrapping their heads around. In fact, direct mail can be tracked and folded into a digital campaign like any other channel. The key is to have the right technology partner and the right strategy going into a campaign.

Partner with Ritter’s to take advantage of the new technologies and integrations available to direct mail. Most important, we can show you how to integrate those technologies to your digital analytics.

Starting with data

Data is an integral part of a campaign. We start with an updated and complete database of prospects or your house list. It’s important to have a mailing address, a phone number and an e-mail address. Other demographics that are critical for relevant messaging should be included. You must visualize the customer journey through to the sale to determine what information will be useful in the data.

Excel Header showing segmentation used to leverage personalization

Each of the headers in your database can be used to insert different content in individual marketing pieces. For example, these postcards are produced in the same print run.

Postcard targeting seniors with variable data
The main image in these two postcards is determined by what our data tells us about our customer. If it tells us the senior is under 75 years of age, we use the image and text above as we will be speaking directly to the senior.
Postcards targeting the children of seniors with variable data
If the recipient is over 75, we replace it, along with the mailing address (not shown here), with the image and text above as we will be speaking to the senior’s adult children.

Variable content

Taking advantage of the available variables in your data is where the lift in response occurs. You can change images and text within the same layout to speak more directly to each recipient. Personalized URLs and QR codes tagged to each prospect can and should be included. These individualized tags give you the ability to trace the PURL and QR code activation back to the individual recipients.

John Sample QR Code linking to a personalized landing page
Go ahead and use your smartphone camera to focus on this QR code.
Analytics Chart showing e-mail campaigns and their analytics
Our platform can export this information as a CSV file and pass it along for import into your CRM.

Tying it all together

Now you can review which prospects have acted on your mailer. Used in conjunction with an e-mail campaign, social media advertising or banner advertising, you can build a detailed picture, determine which channels are the most effective in the campaign and get insight on how to proceed with future engagement. This is what makes speaking to your prospects with a singular purpose across multiple channels so valuable: the ability to measure. Now you can provide qualified leads to sales, close business and focus on revenue growth.

Dashboard showing e-mail, microsite statistics and a visualizaiton funnel

Resource Challenges

If you are like most companies, you are resource challenged. Ritter’s Communications platform can handle much of this integration for you. Direct mail, e-mail communications, social media, banner advertising, texting, phone numbers and any channel that can be connected online can be integrated to our platform and our campaigns. We can do as much of the heavy lifting as you need us to.

The digital features of direct mail can be added to existing campaigns or set up as a pilot program where we ramp up over time and allow a budget to be spread out.

Ritter’s Communications is available to help answer questions about any gaps in these marketing channels.

Let’s discuss your next project.

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