Successful marketing campaigns start with an in-depth knowledge of your customers. We explore your markets, define your target audience and campaign objectives, and devise a marketing strategy optimized to deliver the best results. We then review the data during and after the campaign in order to run even more effective strategies as campaigns unfold.

We deliver the desired responses from your marketing efforts. These responses take on many forms:

  • Registrations to enrollments;
  • Leads to attendees;
  • Funds raised to votes cast;
  • …even sales booked!

Whether you are looking for a way to generate more leads, build loyalty among your existing customers, or boost sales, Ritter’s Communications can help you develop a marketing strategy to accomplish your goals. The talented team at Ritter’s specializes in creating powerful campaigns that combine traditional and digital marketing strategies in the most effective mix to reach your target audience.

Excite, educate, and nurture customers to the purchase point

The most effective marketing strategies incorporate direct mail, digital marketing, and marketing automation to deliver highly effective marketing campaigns. If you don’t have the time or staff to pursue this level of marketing on your own, don’t worry! Ritter’s can provide you with everything you need to reach your marketing potential.

Here are some of the campaigns Ritter’s specialized marketing strategies can deliver:

Lead Generation

Ritter’s lead generation strategies start by locating new prospective customers who are the right fit for your brand because they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Once we have identified your target customers, we create multi-channel campaigns that nurture new prospects into paying customers.

Trade Show Marketing

Ritter’s can help build a strong audience for your next trade show appearance with a cross-channel approach that includes everything you need for success. Ritter’s creates a stunning impression for your next trade show.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Ritter’s can help you solidify brand preference with a custom marketing strategy that can include:

  • Personalized direct mail with coupons and promos
  • Email drip programs with coupons, deals, and helpful info

Customer Retention

Retaining customers can increase profits by 95% (Harvard Business School Study). Ritter’s multi-channel customer retention strategies can help ensure customers stay engaged with your brand. We leverage your existing customer database, using direct mail, email campaign rewards programs and more.

Event Marketing

Event marketing, also known as experiential marketing, can be a powerful way to introduce a new product, promote your brand, or publicize a one of a kind happening. Ritter’s offers complete support for your event marketing strategies through:

  • Direct marketing materials with giveaways, teasers, and coupons
  • Targeted e-blasts and social media cover
  • SMS text messages

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