Personalized Marketing: Direct Mail that Matters

Ready to supercharge your next direct marketing campaign? Adding personalization to direct mail can be a game-changer, resulting in higher response rates from customized offers and messaging.

Example of personalized marketing collateral

Many ways to personalize communications.

From simple name and address customization to complex variable images, calls to action, and layouts, we’ll produce one-to-one communications that appeal to your audience and drive engagement. Find inspiration and ideas for your next personalized direct marketing campaign here.

Top ROI boosters

  • Postcards with sales rep pictures and signatures
  • Endowment letters with past and current donation amounts
  • Mailing offers that change based on previous spend or time since last order
  • Gift cards and magnets with "coupon" codes for online discounts
  • Mailing addresses and maps to the closest location
  • Retention offers based on loyalty status
  • Open house, trade show and other event-triggered mailings
  • Triggered mailing after an opened email or landing page visit

86% of consumers say personalized marketing leads to a buying decision.”