Leveraging one marketing channel at a time may not generate the response you need. Every day on average, prospects are exposed to 7 channels on 3 different devices. There is a significant challenge to get noticed and stay engaged. The most effective marketing strategies combine different channels like direct mail, e-mail, social media, banner advertising, SMS (Text), and print to a campaign that delivers a consistent message where your prospects are. Measuring engagement gives you the business intelligence to make decisions based on results.


Pair strategies with your existing campaigns or as a stand-alone program and see your results improve. Ritter’s can recommend a campaign strategy that fits your audience and your budget.

  • Direct mail tracking through USPS tells you when to gear up for phone calls or website traffic
  • Personalization, PURLS, QR codes in print, e-mail and landing pages create a 24/7 engagement machine
  • Track campaign channels to individual respondents for follow-up and relationship building
  • Integration with digital campaigns supercharges your marketing and shortens the sales cycle
  • Consult with us on direct mail, e-mail, retargeting, social media, Informed Delivery and banner advertising integrations for recommendations on your campaign

86% of marketing professionals agree that successfully integrating multiple channels under a single integrated marketing strategy is crucial to their long-term success.”

Forrester Research


Yes! Direct mail integrates with other channels so you can boost your marketing performance. Direct mail can be tracked with the rest of your digital channels. What’s the secret? It starts with and ends with data.


Direct mail combined with e-mail marketing can be personalized to build greater anticipation of your message. E-mail helps you confirm engagement with opens and click-throughs and builds recognition of your offer.


Marketing benefits from a “lift” in response when you target your list recipients on their social media channels and drive responders back to your prospect journey. Leverage after-hours screen time: presenting your message, increasing your visibility and your chances of engaging with them.


Ad networks are always present in the online experience and they can be used very effectively to remind prospects of the direct mail offer waiting for them. Pre-target list prospects on these networks and warm them up to your brand and offer or use pixel technology to target only the most engaged recipients.

Content published on 2 or 3 channels had a 24% increase in engagement.”

Stand Out Social Marketing


Whether you are looking for a way to generate more leads, build loyalty among your existing customers, or boost sales, Ritter’s Communications can help you develop a marketing strategy to accomplish your goals. The talented team at Ritter’s specializes in creating powerful campaigns that combine traditional and digital marketing strategies in the most effective mix to reach your target